Team Aus X-Alps Gofundme Campaign

Support Team Australia to compete in the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 — an international paragliding adventure race in Europe.

On June 11, Rich Binstead (pilot), Shane Tighe, Nicola McLaren and Sebastian Benz (support) are set to become the fourth Australian team ever to embark on the grueling 1200km + paragliding and hiking race through the European Alps.

This event is touted by organisers as “the toughest adventure race in the world”. Team Australia will be competing alongside 32 teams from 18 countries and Richard will be competing alongside the world’s top hike and fly pilots. More info here –

What is involved?

This biannual adventure race, which is the most prestigious and toughest in the world, traverses the European Alps following a predetermined course yet to be revealed. Rich has 12 days to use just his legs and paraglider to travel as far as he can.

As you can imagine, participants must possess elite cross-country paragliding skills and a huge amount of fitness to be competitive.

The considerable costs associated with competing in this 12-day race are out of reach to most paragliding pilots. For non-European pilots like us, so far away from the paragliding hub of Europe, major sponsors are difficult to secure. The niche sport of adventure racing with a paraglider doesn’t have the same reach in Australia as, say, rugby league or cricket.

After initially hesitating to ask for help, we have decided to seek financial support for Team Australia from our friends, family and fans of the race. Any support will be invaluable as it will help us focus on training and planning, rather than sourcing sponsors, potentially to no avail.

gofundme alternatives

We understand. If this is not your jibe then you can donate here via Paypal or contact Rich directly for other methods.

How will the funds be spent?

The majority of the funds will be spent on insurance, van hire, fuel, plane tickets and technical gear. Any funds not spent will be donated to a mental health charity. See below for a breakdown of costs.

Breakdown of Costs:

  • Flights to Europe – $6600
  • Insurance – $887
  • Gear for race – $10500
  • Car hire and van hire – $6802
  • Fuel – $1800 (approx)
  • Accommodation – $800 (approx)
  • Miscellaneous items – $900
  • Competition entry fee – ?
  • Total = $25889 (AUD)

Spread the word. Please like and share.

Thank you. We appreciate any and all support. Every bit helps.

If you wish to follow along with the adventure, you can via:

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