With Thanks

Well, that’s a wrap for Team Australia’s X-Pyr 2022 campaign. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me fulfil my dream of competing in an international hike and fly paragliding competition. We learnt a lot and I am feeling super stoked with what we achieved. 

How did we go?

After a rookie mistake on the first day we managed to claw back 17 places over the next 5 days, then dropped a few on the final day after I rolled the dice and took a different flying line to the others. Unfortunately, team Aus had COVID during the event. This took a bit of wind out of our sails. On the first day my chest felt a bit strange (decreased air intake and shortness of breath). This progressively intensified and by day three I was quite sick with nightly sweating, malaise, fatigue, coughing and swollen legs. I completed a RAT on the evening of day 5 (just for fun) and tested positive for COVID. Doh. I contacted the organisers who said I could continue. I advised the teams within my vicinity and we carried on. I am looking forward to training harder and smarter for future hike and fly events. I still can’t really believe what we achieved given the circumstances. 

Big hugs to Conan @conan_the_adventurer and Callum @callumfry_ , the amazingly fit, positive, erudite, loyal supporters who were there through thick and thin. What a couple of legends. I couldn’t have done it without youse. We had some big days. Every day we woke at 5:30am and often put our heads down to sleep at 11pm. Thanks for organising my gear, feeding me, washing clothes, making countless tasty sandwiches, drying shoes, tracking the other competitors, checking the weather, giving me wind observations, pointing me in the right direction when my brain didn’t work (most of the time), recharging my gear, shopping, finding launches, supporting team Argentina, writing blog updates, taking photos and videos, liaising with the organisers, walking with me, the list goes on. They did all this with COVID!!!! Epic.

Thanks to my partner Aline @north.south.north who supported me with love and kind words from wet and windy NZ.

A massive thanks to the online weather, logistical support, the exercise crew and pre-event planning advice.

Gracias to Nikki (you are a star) Owain, Che, Martin, Andrew, Matthew, Phil, Kalian, Kynan, Jorgen, Matt.M, Dr Dan, Mitch, Scottie, Grum… sorry if I missed anyone.

Gofundme Campaign 

Thanks to everyone who supported Team Aus through the GoFundMe https://gofund.me/684e5ff9. Your contribution has helped reduce the financial stressors associated with an event like this. I will draw the gifts when I return to Aus in August.

Big thanks to our sponsors 

Mucho amor (much love) to Team Argentina who will always have a special place in our hearts

Thanks to the @xpyrrace organisers, media people and competitors. You are a legend @iredin. The best part of the race for me was meeting like-minded folks, pushing boundaries and making new friends. This is what it is all about. Big high fives and love to @patze1411 @rob__curran @keith.bud.patterson @mikocot @fly_with_greg @xevi_bonet @vilalta_cantenys_xpyr2022 @flying.james @cedarwright @kingamaszta

Finally, a special thanks to Garry Harwood who went well and truly beyond the call of duty in helping Callum secure his new wing at the last minute. Sorry we didn’t get to catch up in person. You are a legend mate.

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