Bright to Ocean Views

“I think I can see the ocean!”, I said to Scotty and Grum, “Ohh my God I can’t believe it”. I never thought I would spend New Year’s day 2022 team flying with two mates, thermalling to just under 4000m in a paraglider while looking at the Tasman Sea. It blows my mind that we... Continue Reading →

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Want to help Team Australia X-Alps?

Hello again. I hope you are doing well. I will be participating in the Red Bull X-Alps. The prologue starts on the 8th of June (one-day race) then the 12-day race starts on the 11th of June. You can track the completion online. More info here. How can you help? You can donate to GoFundMe... Continue Reading →

X-Alps 2023 Nutrition

Training for the Red Bull X-Alps means a slow and steady increase in physical training. The increase in load can result in increased inflammation in the body. I need to be mindful of what is going into my body. It is essential for me to consume foods that reduce or fight inflammation and avoid foods... Continue Reading →

XCTracer Flymaster Configuration

The XCTracer is a fantastic vario with a lag free response etc. I recently purchased the FLARM version. The main reason for my purchase was for vol biv and hike and fly missions (as well as a back up for comps). Previous to this I was flying with a Flymaster. A friend and I have... Continue Reading →

Two Liner Progression Tips

My transition from a ‘three liner’ to a ‘two liner’ D (6.95 aspect ratio) paraglider, with focus on comp flying. I hope this article is useful to paragliding pilots thinking of flying a two liner paraglider for the first time, while also providing some helpful tips for experienced two liner competition pilots. I couldn't find... Continue Reading →

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