Bright to Ocean Views

“I think I can see the ocean!”, I said to Scotty and Grum, “Ohh my God I can’t believe it”. I never thought I would spend New Year’s day 2022 team flying with two mates, thermalling to just under 4000m in a paraglider while looking at the Tasman Sea. It blows my mind that we... Continue Reading →

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XCTracer Flymaster Configuration

The XCTracer is a fantastic vario with a lag free response etc. I recently purchased the FLARM version. The main reason for my purchase was for vol biv and hike and fly missions (as well as a back up for comps). Previous to this I was flying with a Flymaster. A friend and I have... Continue Reading →

Two Liner Progression Tips

My transition from a ‘three liner’ to a ‘two liner’ D (6.95 aspect ratio) paraglider, with focus on comp flying. I hope this article is useful to paragliding pilots thinking of flying a two liner paraglider for the first time, while also providing some helpful tips for experienced two liner competition pilots. I couldn't find... Continue Reading →

European Alps Romp Update

Before my Europe flying and hiking adventure I joked to some friends about walking (not flying) most of the way through Europe. I didn’t really think it would happen but it has, pretty much. The aim was to fly the Alps from near nice to Bled in Slovina. After traveling 280km unsupported, on foot or... Continue Reading →

European Alps Romp

I am off on a little flying and camping mission in the European Alps with my mate Oli. We have just left Nice on a train bound for Saint-André-les-Alpes. The plan was to start from the Col de Bleine but strong high winds has forced us into the choo choo train. Toot toot. You can... Continue Reading →

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