X-Pyr 2022 Australia GoFundMe Campaign

Support Team Australia to compete in X-Pyr 2022 — an international paragliding adventure race in Europe. Donations of $50 or more have the chance to win an amazing prize!

I was accepted into a hike and fly paragliding competition in Europe (https://x-pyr.com/). It is my biggest challenge yet. Part of the challenge has been funding the trip. I didn’t really realise how expensive it would be. After much thought, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs for Team Australia. Any little bit helps.

Donation Gifts

I have reached out to some of our friends and supporters to provide prizes. Donations of $50 or more will go into the drawer to win. Every $50 donated will add another ticket for you into the draw, increasing your chances of winning one of these prizes:

Those who donate $300 or more will automatically receive a tandem flight from Rich or Conan.

If you wish to remain anonymous and still be in the draw for a prize, please email us with details of your donation.

Click here to donate.

Thanks! Rich.

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