European Alps Romp Update

Before my Europe flying and hiking adventure I joked to some friends about walking (not flying) most of the way through Europe. I didn’t really think it would happen but it has, pretty much. The aim was to fly the Alps from near nice to Bled in Slovina.

After traveling 280km unsupported, on foot or wing (200km of that was walking with all our gear), the major mission has come to an end. The weather window for safe Paragliding is very thin and we didn’t get any good days to make big distance. When we reached Saint Hilaire (France) we were staring down the barrel of another week of bad weather.

Oli and I were continually enticed by positive weather predictions which turned fowl after busting our asses to get to a launch to take advantage of it.

We both fed of each other, as good friends do. I feel an incredible sense of achievement in what we completed and I am surprised my body held up to all the waking.

I realise now why my Mother fell in love with this country. France has exceeded my expectations. ‘Stunning’ is the best word to describe the people, culture and scenery.

I will write a proper trip report soon. in the mean time here are some pics of where we went. The crosses mark where we slept.

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